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4/17/07 -- Our latest favorite game is iSketch. See our Gallery of Shame.
PS Griffin is amazing.

3/15/07 -- Check out Drew's new csm equipment buying guide. While you're at it, give him some feedback on the csm forums.

1/24/07 -- We won our first CAL match against a team that may have more downs than ours!

1/17/07 -- 67250 is venturing into the social networking scene with the understanding that if we dont impress 13 year olds, we fail. Props to Nok for making this the least visually offensive myspace page out there!

1/15/07 -- CSPromod maps released.

1/14/07 -- All 67250 members now have CS Manager accounts! Challenge our teams to PCWs: Sexy Time, Jajajaja, ta tudo dominado, UrineTrouble, We Eat Rabbits, and Montell Jordan Posse.

1/2/07 -- Nok got a tattoo. "So when youre like 24 and trying to have sex with goth girls at a club you're going to have to tell them that you have your dnd name on your arm." -kf

12/29/06 -- CAL Season 18 map list announced.

12/2/06 -- It's official. Our match vs Grateful Dead was a mini 9/11.

11/19/06 -- Site update: Notice our photo album rss feed displayed at the bottom right of the home page. It will automatically show the newest uploaded or edited image in the gallery.

11/11/06 -- 67250 is now accepting submissions for our new official logo. GL HF!

11/10/06 -- Before stepping down, Rumsfeld awarded us an honorable OGL Veteran Ribbon.

11/7/06 -- Great game 67250 vs. Multi-P 18-16 in overtime! Watch the demo.

11/4/06 -- Four of our players (Griff, Kevin, Drew, Sandy) suffered through Maryland Lan Gamers on Saturday. On the plus side, we got Kevin hooked on civ4, saw Borat, and the kitties got to play in Griffin's castle.

10/27/06 -- 67250 has been challenged to a 5v10 match by regulars (aka nobos) at Road Kill Cafe! This is sure to be an interesting game... so check back for the date and HTLV info.

10/11/06 -- Nok is on his way to Digital Life where he will be in (the same room as) many important cs tournaments! Read about his attempts at luring Warden into #cnote.

9/30/06 -- Kittens! And check out 67250's new photo gallery, powered by gallery2.

9/26/06 -- Welcome Nokarot!! We can now take on (dominate) NiP 4v5.

9/24/06 -- Official #cnote idler viewing of WCG Sweden finals, SK vs NiP.

9/20/06 -- Check out the mini skill vid carbonex made of today's scrim.

9/16/06 -- Havoclan IV: Drew and Sandy won second place in 2v2 UT2k4 and second place in the CS:Source tournament! See phat lewt. More pictures forthcoming.

8/30/06 -- Relentless-CS public servers are up:; Join us tonight for the grand opening!

8/28/06 -- Our favorite public server, Un-installed, is moving to a new box and is now known as Relentless-CS. Chat with our friends at #relentless-cs and check our their new forums.

8/23/06 -- Ed has coded us a new bot, Tyrone! It learned its first word today.

8/13/06 -- Civ4 troubles: Griff/Ed/Apu discover the line function

8/8/06 -- We are now a WoW team

7/11/06 -- Beware inept phishers posing as CAL admins on AIM! Congrats to our very own carbonex who just thwarted one such phisher with MOTHERLAND rhetoric!

3/11/06 -- Havoclan III: Tris, Pko, Ed, Drew and Sandy won second place in a VERY COMPETITIVE Maryland CS:S tourney.

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